Message from the President

My warmest welcome to all fellow Illinois Administrative Professional members!  Well, I cannot believe time has flown so quickly and that I am beginning my new role within the organization.  Believe me, I will be looking to many of you for advice, mentorship, and assistance during my tenure!  We have established a wonderful cadre of committees to move along our goals and endeavors to promote our networking capabilities, provide important information from campus to our members, and encourage members to keep moving up the ladder of success! If you are interested in joining the IAP leadership through committee involvement, please visit our website at

This year through new fundraising efforts, we hope to have well-known speakers and highlighted events to further our professional development.  A new Fundraising Committee was voted upon by the Executive Board and I’m happy to announce that Colleen Hammel and Penny Ames will co-chair this committee.  Colleen has spearheaded many of our previous efforts in raising money for our organization to help strengthen our coffers to offer more and better educational opportunities to our members.  These two go-getters are looking for a few good Illinois Administrative Professionals to help with our fundraising efforts!!  Now, this doesn’t mean you have to be involved in every campaign or activity; but rather help to motivate others in a call to action, brainstorm brilliant ideas, and find new and fun ways for all of us to be involved.  As those who have already joined forces in other fundraising events will tell you, it’s a lot of fun and a great way to get to know your colleagues!  As some of you may know, very little is free on this campus and in order to provide a solid educational experience, we need these funds to strengthen our ability to provide these services to you. These new funds will be specifically dedicated to paying for venues, speakers, and educational materials to benefit our members.

We hope to offer new learning experiences through both campus and professional speakers to promote further diversity within our membership and strengthen our knowledge base, and to assist members in expanding their skill sets through our mentorship program.  Another goal is to reach out to newly-minted civil service employees who have gone through the Professional Employment Redesign (PER) who may wish to learn more about their employment category, as well as understand the professionalism that is inherent in our roles on campus. Fortunately, we have made great strides on this campus to ensure campus leadership and fellow employees recognize the value in our skills, leadership, and support in campus endeavors, and are receiving the respect deserving of our roles.

Please join me in welcoming any new members to our group.  Don’t be afraid to reach out to each other with questions or when you need assistance!  Use these connections to assist you in your rise among the ranks!  Let us all become more invested in each other this year and learn to not only build upon already established relationships, but also to nurture new ones.

Please know that I am always open to comments or concerns, so feel free to email or schedule a time to meet with me (, or you may also email us at  I look forward to getting to know you all much better during the next year and having some fun along the way!  See you at the next luncheon!

Erica Hanson