Boss of the Year/Office Professional of the Year

Boss of the Year – This committee solicits nominations and selects the Boss of the Year recipient. The award is presented at the October luncheon.

Office Professional of the Year – This committee solicits nominations and selects the Office Professional of the Year recipient. The committee plans and organizes the April luncheon at which time the award is presented.

Membership Awards Updated March 2022

October is the Month we Recognize our Bosses

Does your boss support you? Have they gone above and beyond to make sure you and your unit are safe? Does your boss do great things all year long? Then prepare to nominate them for Boss of the Year!

Nominations can be made by any current member of Illinois Administrative Professionals (IAP) to nominate his/her boss. Eligible IAP members who would like to nominate more than one boss should submit separate nomination forms/letters. Elected officers of IAP and members of the “Boss of the Year and Office Professional of the Year” committee are excluded from submitting a nomination. In order to facilitate an unbiased evaluation of each nomination letter, please do not mention your boss or department by name, but instead use a moniker/nickname throughout your letter. Any references that might identify the candidate will be redacted so the committee can be completely unbiased.

The following guidelines are suggested for the nomination letter. The nominee should:

  • Perform his/her duties beyond the expected
  • Enthusiastically support the University of Illinois and its programs
  • Routinely show consideration and support of others – staff, colleagues, students and visitors to office/campus
  • Perform courtesies beyond the daily responsibilities
  • Exhibit other qualities that exemplify outstanding leadership and organizational skills

The nominator and the nominee must register for the October 18th event (this may be held virtually), where the winner will be announced. Please submit the nomination form and nomination letter BOTYForm2023 to:  Beth Lewis,

Nominations are due no later than Friday, September 29, 2023.