Welcome to the
Illinois Administrative Professionals

The Illinois Administrative Professionals is an organization for University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign employees in certain Civil Service classifications. Over the years, office support functions and responsibilities have changed, as have the skills required to perform these roles effectively. Illinois Administrative Professionals seeks to build collegiality across campus. Our primary objectives are:

    • Establish a fellowship and create a high standard of ethics among members. 
    • Assist in the professional development of members.
    • Serve as a forum for the discussion of issues affecting support staff of the University of Illinois.
    • Further knowledge about the University of Illinois and uphold its honor and dignity. 

Current memberships end June 30! If you are a current member please remember to renew your membership for July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022. Dues are to be paid no later than August 1st. New members may join the organization by paying their dues at the same link, so please forward this newsletter to your colleagues to share all of the exciting things that we are doing and encourage them to sign up today! Please note: Credit card payments will not be accepted at this time. Payments can be made via CFOP, cash, or check (made out to Illinois Administrative Professionals). Please send cash or check payments to the following address and be sure to include the name for the renewal with the payment:

Sandy Hardin
IAP Treasurer
Rm 208 English Department
608 S Wright St. MC-718

Don’t forget that one way to entice a colleague to become a member is to invite them to attend a Career Connections event as your guest. This is a great way to see firsthand what we’re all about.

Past Professional Development Events

  • Tour of the Electrical And Computing Engineering Building
  • Tour of the Natural History Building
  • Tour of the Chez Veterans Center
  • Mentoring/Leadership Development
  • SURS Retirement
  • Diversity in the Workplace
  • FAST3
  • Speed Networking
  • Source2Pay/Parking App