Blogs Fall 2018

Humanitarian, Economic, and Human Rights Crisis in Venezuela
By Robin Wilson

Venezuela is in the midst of a humanitarian, economic, and human rights crisis. The causes of the crises are rooted in the history of the country, but the situation has ramped up in recent years. Nicolas Maduro became the president of Venezuela after the death of Chavez, and he has continued promoting controversial “socialist and populist economic and social policies.” Catastrophic economic decisions made by the both leaders, along with the oil price drops of 2014, have lost the country its oil reserve inheritance. Income within the country has decreased by a third, and the IMF expects inflation to hit one million percent within the year. Additionally, Maduro and the military remain unchecked… Read More


The Death of Article 9 May be the Rebirth of the Japanese Navy
By Wyatt Hartwig

April 17, 1895 – modern Japan just concluded its first large-scale war. Under Emperor Meiji, the country underwent three decades of rapid industrialization. It then proceeded to humiliate the Qing Dynasty in an eight-month war that resulted in Japan truly beginning their programme of regional dominance. Over the following half century, Japan would come to dominate all of East Asia via its naval prowess and imperialist policies. However, following its defeat in 1945, Japan was given a new pacifist constitution by the victorious… Read More