Blogs Spring 2019

Forced Internment of Muslim Minority in China: Concentration Camps or Job Training?
By Robin Wilson

Countries are calling upon and demanding China to close its “vocational training centers” in the western region of Xinjiang after testimonies of forced indoctrination and torture. The majority of detainees in the camps are Uyghurs (Uighurs), a minority Muslim group, and several entities including the United Nations are investigating after years of tension between the groups. The religion of Islam itself has had a tricky relationship with China. It arrived in the seventh century with no problem, but acceptance of the religion started decreasing. In 1644 the China-based… Read More


Counter-Terrorism in Southeast Asia
By Katie Richardson

Despite continued regional attempts to combat terrorism since the mid-90s, the terrorist threat to Southeast Asia has endured. This can be attributed to numerous factors, but the most detrimental component to unsuccessful Southeast Asian counterterrorism is the prioritization of domestic policy over transnational cooperation. When domestic counterterrorism forces fail to share intelligence or fail collaborate outside of their state boundaries, it allows Southeast Asian terrorists to take advantage of the gaps in governance and further their clout in the region. This issue has become especially prevalent in areas like the… Read More


Venezuela: No Way Out
03/27/2019 (Written 02/26/2019)
By Noah Riley

Since the death of Hugo Chavez in 2013, and the end of his 15-year tenure as President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro has stepped up to fill the role of president. The years following this transition have been marred in crisis after crisis, including runaway inflation of the Bolivar and a shortage of food and medical supplies that have caused an exodus of up to three million Venezuelans. Yet up until recently, the Maduro Presidency has managed to avoid becoming the target of pressure from the international community. However, this has changed following the results of the 2018 presidential election… Read More