Executive Board Fall 2017

2017 President: The President oversees all aspects of the organization including personnel management, event planning, and communication with both outside organizations and the university student organization office.


Name: Shin Shibazaki
Year: Senior
Major: Accounting
Fun Fact: I am a horrible dancer.

Professional Development Committee Chairs: The Professional Development Chair plans various events that assist members in the job search process. Previous events have included resume workshops, Linkedin/iLink crash courses, and interview preparations. This fall, events that prepare members for the Boston Career Forum (largest Japanese-English bilingual career fair in the world) are planned.

Name: Hitomi Hayashi
Year: Junior but graduating in 2018
Major: Education
Fun Fact: My biological younger sister and I have the same birthday three years apart.

Name: Kanki Takahara
Year: Senior
Fun Fact:

Marketing Committee Chairs: Marketing Chairs manage the organization’s Facebook group, email, and website. In addition, the chairs deliver event announcements to members of the organization.

Name: Satomi Rabottini
Year: Senior
Major: Linguistics
Fun Fact: There are many fish in the sea but salmon is my favorite to eat.


Name: Naoki Tsuda
Year: Senior
Major: Aerospace Engineering minoring in Electrical Engineering and Music
Fun Fact: I like to play basketball, play the piano, and play electric bass guitar as well!

Social Committee Chairs: The Social Chairs plan events that allow members to form friendships within the organization. Past events have included social gatherings, hot pot events, and mini golf outings.


Name: Tomo Sharpee
Year: Junior
Major: Material Science and Engineering
Fun Fact: I’m not fun (but I’m in a frat).

Name: Shosuke Naokawa
Year: Sophomore
Major: Civil and Environmental Engineering
Fun FactNever watched Game of Thrones

Treasurer: The treasurer collects dues, manages organizational funds, establishes a budget, and allocates funds for certain events.


Name: Keisuke Michael Harada
Year: Junior
Major: Economics
Fun fact: Tokyo Drift is THE BEST movie

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