Incentive Points

What are incentive points?

Since they are incentive points, that means they are incentives for getting members to join in club activities or to go out to the barns. If you are a paid member, you will get incentive points for each event you attend or each carpool that you go out automatically. However, if you have been out to the barns more than three times and have not paid dues, your current points will be erased and you will have to start over again.

What can we use the incentive points for?

You can use these points for going to demos or out-of-town activities with limited spaces.  You can also use them for the end of the year trail ride.

When you go on a points reward trip, a number of points will be deducted from your current points and thus give other members a chance to participate in the next trip.

Points will expire after the spring semester is over. Points earned in the fall semester will carry over into spring.

Please email Webmaster Haley Herrell at for the total points you currently have.

How can you get  incentive points?
  • Incentive points are very easy to accumulate.
  • Here is a list of the number of points allocated to each event:
    1. Driving a carpool: 2 points
    2. Joining a carpool: 1 point
    3. Taking a shift at a fundraiser: 3 points per shift
    4. Attending an IERS meeting: 3 points
    5. Other social events, such as barcrawls, bonfires, movie nights, etc: 2 points

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