English Show Team


English Show Dates:

 – October 18-20 hosted by SMWC at SMWC
 – November 16-17 hosted by Purdue at Gordyville
 – February 14-16 hosted by SMWC at SMWC 
 – February 28-March 1 hosted by Stonegate Farm and Michael Hiele in Athens, Ohio

Post Season:
  – March 28 Regionals at SMWC
  – April 4 Zones at WTAMU
  – April 30-May 3 Nationals at Syracuse, NY

The University of Illinois Equestrian Team shows hunt seat on the Intercollegiate Horse Showing Association Circuit (IHSA) as part of Zone 7, Region 1, which also includes Purdue University, St. Mary of the Woods College, Indiana University, Ball State University, Butler University, Earlham College, Eastern Illinois University, Parkland College, Taylor University, Indiana University East and Manchester University.


  • Introductory Hunter Seat Equitation (Walk/Trot)
  • Pre-Novice Hunter Seat Equitation (Beginner Walk/Trot/Canter)
  • Novice Hunter Seat Equitation (Advanced Walk/Trot/Canter)
  • Alumni Hunter Seat Equitation 
  • Alumni Hunter Seat Equitation Over Fences (2′ 3″)
  • Limit Hunter Seat Equitation
  • Limit Hunter Seat Equitation Over Fences (2′ 3″)
  • Intermediate Hunter Seat Equitation
  • Intermediate Hunter Seat Equitation Over Fences (2′ 6″)
  • Open Hunter Seat Equitation
  • Open Hunter Seat Equitation Over Fences (2′ 9″)
•    Anyone wanting to show must lesson twice within the two weeks prior to the horse show.
•    Riders must pay class fees to Terri Foreman before the show.  Checks can be made out to Commonwealth Farm.
 •    If you don’t have show clothes, we have a helmet and show jacket set aside for people to borrow. Email the horse show coordinators (uiuc.ie.englishhsc@gmail.com) and they will try to find arrangements for you. If you are planning on buying show clothes, make sure you know what you’re purchasing.  Styles change rapidly and prices range from inexpensive to very expensive.  Asking your coach or officers first could save you from wasting money.
•    The more the merrier at horse shows!  Even if you’ve never shown, or just started to ride, we’d love to have you!  We need more beginner/intermediate level riders who are enthusiastic and interested in showing with the team!

Lessons are taught by Terri Foreman, owner of Commonwealth Farm.  

Terri can be reached at cmnwea@aol.com.  

English Horse Show Coordinators can be reached at uiuc.ie.englishhsc@gmail.com