Diwali Celebrations at University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign

Diwali is that one time of the year, when every Indian, no matter where in the world, is in a festive mood. It’s not just about lights and diverse Indian cuisine, it’s about sharing the sense of belonging, family values, traditions, rituals and celebrations. Diwali has the charm that transforms the vibes of Indian cities. Read the rest.

What the Trump Era Could Mean for Librarians and Educators – Historical Reflections on Promoting Tolerance, Intercultural Understanding, and Global Perspectives

Regardless of political affiliation, the recent elections in the United States have left many educators and librarians wondering how to make sense of what appears to be a dramatic political shift that impacts both our ideas of knowledge and notions of tolerance, multiculturalism, and global perspectives. This is not the first time we’ve experienced this kind of societal challenge, and a historical perspective may provide guidance regarding the challenges educators, librarians, and funding agencies that focus on fostering global and intercultural perspectives may face. Read the rest.