Using Transliteration Tables

Doing research related to area studies oftentimes means using specialized research tools that you may not have encountered previously. Becoming familiar with these tools can make all the difference in your research and the Glocal Notes blog is here to help! This week’s post is about transliteration tables, which are an essential tool for scholars whose work involves non-Roman alphabets.  Read the rest.

Sustainability Web Resources at Web Archiving Service

One of academic libraries’ most important missions is to support local and global scholarship by providing comprehensive resources, such as academic publications, government documents, or non-governmental resources. Traditionally, most of these materials were provided in print and other physical formats. Now, however, an increasing amount of information is published and spread out over the web, including ephemera like news clippings, photographs, and other artifacts. Read the rest.

Global Food, Locally: Maize Mexican Restaurant

“Global Food, Locally”  is a series designed to introduce you to the International and Area Studies Library’s new graduate assistants as well local dining options for food from around the world. In our fourth installment, Quetzalli reviews Maize Mexican restaurant, a Champaign-Urbana favorite.

Welcome to the next installment of Global Food, Locally! Read the rest.