Recent Publications

State Estimation under Limited Bit Rate Constraints:

  • H. Sibai, S. Mitra, “State Estimation for Dynamical Systems with Unknown Inputs: Entropy and Bit Rates”. (to appear in HSCC’18)
  • H. Sibai, S. Mitra, “Optimal Bit Rate for State Estimation of Switched Nonlinear Systems”, Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Hybrid Systems: Computation and Control, Pittsburgh, PA, 2017. (best student paper nominee) [PDF]

Adversarial Examples in the Real World:

  • J. Lu*, H. Sibai*, E. Fabry, “Adversarial Examples that Fool Detectors”, (submitted to CVPR 2018). [PDF]
  • J. Lu, H. Sibai, E. Fabry, D. Forsyth, “Standard Detectors Aren’t (Currently) Fooled by Physical Adversarial Stop Signs”. [PDF]
  • J. Lu*, H. Sibai*, E. Fabry, D. Forsyth, “NO Need to Worry about Adversarial Examples in Object Detection in Autonomous Vehicles”, CVPR, Negative Results in Computer Vision Workshop, Honolulu, Hawaii, 2017. [PDF]

Paper from my undergraduate studies

  • F. Hariri, G. Daher, H. Sibai, K. Frenn, S. Doniguian, and Z. Dawy, ”Towards a Silent Mobile Sensing Framework for Smart Cities”, World Wireless Research Forum Meeting 30, Oulu, Finland, April 2013.

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*: equal contribution