2017 Humanities Retreat @ IPRH

August 24th
Levis Faculty Center (919 West Illinois Street, Urbana, IL)

At a time when local fiscal catastrophe has only just been averted, we need ways of thinking aloud together about how to stake a claim for our research and teaching in the university and the world. Since last spring we have been in conversation with many of you about the information, resources and problem-solving tools we need to do just that. Thanks to the generosity of faculty, staff and students who have committed their time and energy to helping us map the day, we have organized two dozen presentations that address many of the issues scholars in the humanities and related fields grapple with as both individual scholars and as a set of interdependent communities at Illinois.The program and schedule can be seen at the humanities retreat website.

In order to plan for catering and space allocation we are asking you to pre-register for the day’s events here using the online pre-registration formThe deadline for pre-registration is August 11, 2017.