Research Interests

  1. Topological insulators/Superconductors
  2. Using quantum information/entanglement techniques to characterize quantum condensed matter systems.
  3. Mesoscopic transport in low-dimensional materials or hetero-structures

Other interests include topological order, quantum Hall effect, spin-orbit coupled electronic systems, connections between high-energy physics, gravity, and condensed matter.

Some of my recent work has been on connections between torsion, gravity, and viscosity in topological insulators, characterizing disordered topological insulators using the entanglement spectrum, and transport calculations in graphene/superconductor junctions.

Interested students should contact me via email and be willing to work on a broad range of topics. Before contacting me please look at some of my selected publications below, or on the arxiv to get an idea of which subjects are of the most interest to you. Also, graduate students must have taken either PHY 560 or PHY 582 and preferably PHY 508,509. Some ability to program in Matlab, Mathematica, or C/C++/FORTRAN is required as well as a familiarity with Latex.

I have several opportunities for research projects/reading courses for undergraduates who are highly-motivated and can program or proficiently use either Matlab, Mathematica, or C/C++/FORTRAN. Must have taken PHY 486 and preferably PHY 460.