Dr. Jonny Quirke

Jonny Quirke received his PhD from the lab of David Crich at University of Georgia in 2021, working on derivatization of aminoglycoside antibiotics and analysis of glycosidases and glycosyltransferases. His current focus in the Hergenrother lab is the design and optimization of novel active anticancer compounds.


GH47 and Other Glycoside Hydrolases Catalyze Glycosidic Bond Cleavage with the Assistance of Substrate Super-Arming at the Transition State
Quirke, J. C. K.; Crich, D.
ACS Catal. 2021, 11, 10308-10315.

Side Chain Conformation Restriction in the Catalysis of Glycosidic Bond Formation by Leloir Glycosyltransferases, Glycoside Phosphorylases, and Transglycosidases
Quirke, J. C. K.; Crich, D.ACS Catal. 2021, 11, 5069-5078.

5-O-(5-Amino-5-deoxy-3-O-[2-aminoethyl]-β-D-ribofuranosyl)apramycin: An Advanced Apralog with Increased in-vitro and in-vivo Activity toward Gram-negative Pathogens and Reduced ex-vivo Cochleotoxicity
Sonousi, A.; Quirke, J. C. K.; Waduge, P.; Janusic, T.; Gysin, M.; Haldimann, K.; Xu, S.; Hobbie, S. N.; Sha, S.-H.; Schacht, J.; Chow, C. S.; Vasella, A.; Bottger, E. C.; Crich, D.
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Glycoside Hydrolases Restrict the Side Chain Conformation of their Substrates to Gain Additional Transition State Stabilization
Quirke, J. C. K.; Crich, D.
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Apralogs: Apramycin 5‑O‑Glycosides and Ethers with Improved Antibacterial Activity and Ribosomal Selectivity and Reduced Susceptibility to the Aminoacyltransferase (3)-IV Resistance Determinant
Quirk;e, J. C. K.; Rajasekaran, P.; Sarpe, V. A.; Sonousi, A.; Osinnii, I.; Gysin, M.; Haldimann, K.; Fang, Q.-J.; Scherbakov, D.; Hobbie, S. N.; Sha, S.-H.; Schacht, J.; Vasella, A.; Böttger, E. C.; Crich, D.
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Apramycin Derivatives as Antibacterial Agents
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WO/2018/204358, 2018, Patent

Expedient Synthesis of Eumelanin-Inspired 5, 6-Dihydroxyindole-2-carboxylate Ethyl Ester Derivatives
Aebly, A. H.; Levy, J. N.; Steger, B. J.; Quirke, J. C.; Belitsky, J. M.
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