Dr. Brian Jameson

Brian Jameson received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the Missouri University of Science and Technology under the guidance of Dr. Rainer Glaser. His work focused on the synthesis and ab initio study of fluorinated RuBisCO biomimetic systems for the purpose of CO2 capture from air. He joined the Hergenrother lab in August 2023. His current work is focused on the design and synthesis of antibiotics active against gram-negative bacteria.


NMR Study of CO2 Capture by Fluoroalkylamines: Ammonium Ion pKa Depression via Fluorine Modification and Thermochemistry of Carbamylation Brian Jameson, Kari Knobbe, and Rainer Glaser J. Org. Chem. 2023, 88, 11434-11544.

Trisaqua-(bis(2-picolyl)amine-N,N’,N”)-magnesium(II) dichloride Brian Jameson, Emilie Overschmidt, Steven S. Kelley, and Rainer Glaser CSD Communication 2023, 2256962 (BILPEV).

Rotation-Inversion Isomerization of Tertiary Carbamates: Potential Energy Surface Analysis of Multi-Paths Isomerization Using Boltzmann Statistics Brian Jameson and Rainer Glaser ChemPhysChem 2023, 24, e202200442 (1-16).

Unnatural Lysines with Reduced Sidechain N-Basicity. Synthesis of N-trifluoroethyl Substituted Lysine and Homologs Brian Jameson and Rainer Glaser ChemistrySelect 2022, 7, e202203132 (1 of 6).