2015 Agenda

(Presenters indicated with *; Posters listed on final page)

Saturday October 17:

9:00 – 9:45     Registration and check in at IHotel (Lincoln and Alma Rooms)

Posters will be on display for viewing in the Lincoln Room.

9:45 – 11:25    First session: Conservation and Land Use

“Do Marine Reserves Improve Fishery Outcomes? Evidence from the Santa Barbara Area Red Sea Urchin Fishery” Rebecca Toseland* (Harvard), Lennon Thomas and Sarah Teck (UC Santa Barbara)

“The net value of open space: evidence from a dynamic regression discontinuity design” Corey Lang* (U. of Rhode Island)

“Specifications of spatial-dynamic externalities and implications for strategic behavior in disease control” Shadi Atallah* (U. of New Hampshire), Miguel I. Gomez and Jon M. Conrad (Cornell)

“Cost-effective conservation targeting when transaction costs limit participation in procurement auctions” Leah H. Palm-Forster* (U. of Delaware), Scott M. Swinton and Frank Lupi (Michigan State)

11:30 – 1:00    Luncheon and panel discussion “Behavioral environmental and resource economics”

Sofia Berto Villas-Boas (UC Berkeley); Ken Gillingham (Yale); James Sallee (U. Chicago)

1:20 – 3:00      Second session: Behavior and the Environment

“Price Perception and Electricity Demand with Non-Linear Prices” Robyn Meeks*, Shaun McRae (U. Michigan)

“Temperature and Temperament: Measuring Human Emotion with Twitter Data” Patrick Baylis* (UC Berkeley)

“Are Home Buyers Myopic? Evidence from Housing Sales” Erica Myers* (U. of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)

“Behavioral Responses to Risk Information: Evidence from Tornado Warnings, Visibility, and Fatalities” Laura Bakkensen* (U. Arizona)

3:00 – 3:20      Break: coffee/tea and snack

3:20 – 5:00      Third session: Energy, environment, and fossil fuels

“Competition for Leases: A Model of Firm and Landowner Negotiations” Ashley Vissing* (Duke)

“OPEC response to Shale shock and the benefits of 2nd generation biofuels” Deepak Rajagopal* (UCLA)

“Fracking, Toxics, and Disclosure” Rob Fetter* (Duke)

“Asymmetric Information, Royalty Distortions, and Drilling Deadlines: Understanding Oil and Gas Lease Contracts”

Evan Herrnstadt* (Harvard), Ryan Kellogg (U. Michigan, NBER), Eric Lewis (U.S. DOJ)

5:00 – 6:30      Cash bar open to all (IHotel)

7:00 – 9:00      Dinner for speakers and other attendees who sign up for it (Heritage Room, ACES Library)


Sunday October 18:

7:30 – 8:30      Continental Breakfast with Attended Poster Displays, IHotel

8:30 – 10:10    Fourth session: Electricity Markets

“Dynamic competition and arbitrage in electricity markets” Ignacia Mercadal* (U. Chicago)

“Dynamic Regulatory Distortions: Coal Procurement at U.S Power Plants” Akshaya Jha* (Carnegie Mellon)

“Path Dependence in U.S. Coal-fired Electricity” Kyle Meng* (UC Santa Barbara)

“The Long Run Impact of Environmental Policies on Wholesale Electricity Markets: A Dynamic Competitive Analysis” Joe Cullen* (Washington U.), Stanley S. Reynolds (U. Arizona)

10:10 – 10:30  Break: coffee/tea and snack

10:30 – 11:30  Fifth session: Advances in Resource and Environmental Economics (6 short talks)

“Experimental Analysis of Inter-group competition: An application to incentivizing spatially coordinated private agricultural land management” Simanti Bannerjee* (U. Nebraska)

“Declining maize diversity: Understanding its drivers and analyzing policy options for in-situ conservation” Alejandro Lopez-Feldman* (CIDE, Mexico)*, George Dyer (DAS, Mexico)

“Examining Audit Frequency and Audit Quality for Improving Water Quality” Donna Ramirez Harrington* (U. Vermont)*, Dietrich Earnhart (U.Kansas)

“Financing Wind Energy Deployment in China through the Clean Development Mechanism” Gabe Chan* (U. Minnesota), Joern Huenteler (World Bank)

“Estimation of the long-run, own-price elasticity of U.S. residential electricity demand accounting for state-level heterogeneity and dependence” Dan Karney* (Ohio U.)

“Rents, Yields and Hydraulic Fracturing: The Case of North Dakota” TJ Rakitan* (Iowa State)

11:45 – 1:15    Luncheon and keynote talk: Arik Levinson (Georgetown U.): “A Half-Glassed View of US Climate Policy”

1:15 – 1:45      Break: coffee/tea and snack

1:45 – 3:25      Sixth session: Health and Disease

“Spatial externalities of land use change: ecosystem-based management of vector-borne disease” Katherine Lee* (U. Wyoming) and David Finnoff (U. Wyoming), Peter Daszak and Carlos Zambrana-Torrelio (EcoHealth Alliance)

“Estimating the effect of fertilizer and pesticide use on Chinese health outcomes” Wangyang Lai*, Brian Roe (Ohio State)

“Getting Fresh Water to The People: The Effect Of Privatization And Municipalization Of Water Systems On Compliance With Drinking Water Standards” Thomas P. Lyon (U. Michigan), A. Wren Montgomery (Queen’s U., Ontario), Dan Zhao* (U. Michigan)

“The Elasticity of Air Quality: Evidence from Millions of Households across the U.S.” Christos Makridis* (Stanford)

3:25 – 4:30      Posters available for viewing


Thanks to our sponsors:

Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics, UIUC

College of ACES Office of Research, UIUC

Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment, UIUC

Center for Global Studies, UIUC

Gutsgell Endowed Professor Fund, UIUC


Selected Posters on Display at Heartland 2015

“Dynamic self-protection and self-insurance when facing biological invasion” Kevin Berry (Yale)

“Promoting Social Sustainability in Fisheries: Evidence from a choice experiment of sea food eco-labels” Sahan Dissanayake (Colby College)

“Who Responds More to Environmental Enforcement – Privately Owned Facilities or Government-Owned Facilities? Dietrich Earnhart (U. Kansas)

“Negative Emissions Leakage: Welfare Impacts of Energy Policy Spillovers” Alex Hollingsworth (Indiana U.)

“Gender and Household Decision-making Patterns and Green Giving: Evidence from a Regional Environmental Organization” Debra Israel (Indiana State U.)

“Are Adoption Costs of Agri-BMPs Spatially Transferable? A Case Study in the Canadian Prairies.” Manikarnika Kanjilal (U. Alberta)

“Improving Purchasing by Monetizing Environmental Impacts: Federal Agencies’ Breakthrough and Next Steps” Warren Lavey (U. Illinois Urbana-Champaign)

“Assessing Participation in ISO 14001 in China: Implications for Environmental Performance” Yuan Claire Liao (U. Illinois Urbana-Champaign)

“Profitable cropland supply in Africa” Jing Liu (Purdue)

“Consistency of Contingent Valuation and Choice Experiments based on Joint Estimation: An Application to Water Utility Infrastructure” Qiuhua Ma (U. New Mexico)

“Evaluating Food Waste Reduction Policies: A Household Model with Heterogeneous Income Effects” Danyi Qi (Ohio State)

“Interstate Resource Networks and their Influence on Green Behavior of U.S. States” Nathaly Rivera (Michigan State)

“State Tax Breaks for Conservation: Do They Work?” Maria Edisa Soppelsa (U. Illinois Urbana-Champaign)

“Modeling Spatial Patterns in Weather and Crop Yields” Seong Do Yun (Yale)

“Greenhouse gas emissions and criteria air co-pollutants: Evidence from US Power Plants” Nikos Zirogiannis (Indiana U.)