2012 Abstracts and Presentations

Keynote talk: “Agriculture and Water Quality: Key Insights from Economics”

Kathleen Segerson (U. of Connecticut)

First session: Alternative Approaches to Environmental Valuation

Subdivision infrastructure affecting stormwater runoff and residential property values

–Kevin Boyle* (Virginia Tech.)

The economic impact of freshwater inputs on an estuarine fishery

–Chris Kennedy* (George Mason University) and Edward B. Barbier (U. of Wyoming) Abstract 

Adjusting for protest-zero responses in contingent-valuation (CV) studies using factor analysis: A case of Florida residents’ willingness-to-pay (WTP) to avoid large oil-spill in the Gulf of Mexico

–Afif Naeem* (Ohio State)  Abstract

Second session: Valuing Water and Water Quality at Landscape Scales

Valuing water quality in urban watersheds

–Noelwah Netusil* (Reed College)

Thin and lumpy: an experimental investigation of water quality trading

–Jordan Suter* (Oberlin College), John Spraggon (U. of Massachusetts) and Gregory L. Poe (Cornell University)  Abstract

Estimating water demand at the intensive and extensive margin: The role of landscape dynamics

–Daniel Brent* (U. of Washington)  Abstract

Third session: Impact of Climate Change

Were there modern-day dust bowls? Evidence suggests that recent extreme droughts contributed to cropland conversion in the United States

–Frankie Le* (UC Berkeley)  Abstract

Regional economic impacts from climate change-induced migration in the U.S.: A general equilibrium analysis

–Qin Fan* and Karen Fisher-Vanden (Penn State) and H. Allen Klaiber (Ohio State)  Abstract

Flood-induced migration and armed conflict

–Ramesh Ghimire*, Susana Ferreira, and Jeffrey Dorfman (U. of Georgia)  Abstract

Fourth session: Intended and Unintended Effects of Environmental Policies

Green transport policies for European cities

–Stef Proost*(KULeuven) and Bruno De Borger (U. of Antwerp)  Abstract

Protecting the rainforest? Mahogany prohibition and deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon

–Ariaster Chimeli* (Ohio University) and Rodrigo R. Soares (Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro)  Abstract

Do non-profits encourage compliance? Watershed groups and the US Clean Water Act

–Laura Grant* (U. of Wisconsin, Milwaukee) and Katherine Grooms (UC, Santa Barbara)  Abstract


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