East Bluff Wellness Plan

UP 494: Health and Place: A Planning Workshop –  Spring 2016 


Creating new areas to support a thriving community

This report uses primary data to make recommendations for neighborhood wellness in the East Bluff neighborhood of Peoria, Illinois. These recommendations focus on a variety of different components, further described below.


Section one summarizes The Health Profile of the East Bluff Neighborhood, Peoria City, IL that accompanies this report. The Health Profile is summarized to provide
context for health-related issues in the East Bluff.

Section two reviews relevant pre-existing plans and initiatives for the city of Peoria and their potential to influence health.

Section three analyzes primary data collected through: a Community Health Asset Mapping event, a neighborhood health survey, interviews with employees of East Bluff Neighborhood Housing Services (EBNHS), and a walking audit. Data from the Community Health Asset Mapping Event reveals that residents value the Glen Oak Learning Center and the Kroger grocery store as assets in their community. Data from the asset mapping event also shows that residents view corner stores and blight as detrimental to neighborhood health. Data from the survey indicates that East Bluff views low crime/safe neighborhoods, a clean environment, and low speed limits as important factors that contribute to health. The interview with EBNHS employees provides information about the Community Core Initiative, a neighborhood beautification and community cohesion project. The interview also shows employee concerns related to absentee landlords in East Bluff. Finally, the walking audit highlights both positive and negative features of streets in the community.

The fourth section of the plan presents recommendations informed by primary data presented in this report and secondary data presented in the Health Profile. These recommendations are aimed at increasing social capital, improving the food environment, improving public safety, and improving the built environment to promote physical activity. The last section provides information about possible funding sources for the implementation of recommendations.

Wellness Plan for East Bluff Neighborhood – Final Report