Water Sprawl

LA 335: The River City and Wet Weather Management – Fall 2015

Students: Shu-Wen Chen, Emma Doyle, Chia-Ching Wu


Broadening water pathways to increase efficiency

“Water Sprawl” is about creating parks that not only help to alleviate water contamination and flooding, but is also about giving Peorians spaces that they can gather together. Demographic information and existing topographical data were used to determine park sites and programs.

The four major elementary schools in the South Side Neighborhood are the first sites of the park zones. Each zone consists of four kinds of parks: a play park, a sports park, a serenity park and a community park. The maximum walking distance from each park is five minutes and each zone serves approximately 1,000 people with three acres of park area.  The topography dictates the three phases of park development—low ground (highest priority), medium ground, and high ground (lowest priority). The play park is a space for active play, the sport park is a place for large-zone recreational activities, the serenity park facilitates walking and contemplation, while the community park provides space for large community gatherings.