Linear Flows

LA 335: The River City and Wet Weather Management – Fall 2015

Students: Nathan Burke, Marti Hernandez, Kexin Tang


Multi-use infrastructure to solve neighborhood challenges and support neighborhood recreation

The goal of “Linear Flows” is to integrate a water collection system with a new bicycle network in the South Side Neighborhood of Peoria, IL. The water collection system will channel all surface water runoff into the new intervention areas and cleanse it on site through the use of Phytoremediation strategies.

The proposal creates new bike paths that link to existing ones and connects the neighborhood to surrounding amenities. The new bike paths not only create a safer transportation system for the community, but also connect the residents with the greater Peoria area. Using existing topography, low points in the neighborhood become collection points for water, where water is treated before seeping into the ground (replenishing the ground water) or flowing to where it can be released into the Illinois River.