Kit of Parts

LA 335: The River City and Wet Weather Management – Fall 2015

Students: Victoria Durand, Tarika Williams, Jae Won Wang


Building small-scale stormwater management interventions

In order to remediate contaminated water in the South Side Neighborhood, a system of small, but widespread and choreographed interventions are proposed. These interventions intercept water that would otherwise enter the existing, outdated infrastructure, preventing the release of toxic water into the Illinois River. The goal is to make as few interventions as necessary while still having a big impact.

Individual components and sites act to cumulatively reduce the volume of water entering the sewer system. The proposal consists of six small-to-medium scale components that can be assembled in various combinations and customized to specific site conditions and needs. Sites are selected throughout the neighborhood and are “graded” in a hierarchical order to reflect their potential for greatest impact—higher-ranked sites are top priority and are utilized first.