What Does Hypoallergenic Mean?

We have ALL heard that something is hypoallergenic. That something could be a pet breed, a makeup brand, or anything else! However, it really just means that something has fewer allergens than other similar products. If you are like me, a lot of products that should not cause allergic reactions do! Just last week I had a pretty bad allergic reaction to eye drops, which lead to my eye hurting more than it did before and my lip swelling up a lot!

While antihistamines can be helpful, I personally do not love having to depend on them. And while we can not get rid of what we are allergic to, we can do things to help reduce the impacts. For example, I always try to take spoonfuls of raw, local honey when allergy season is starting, and top my smoothies with bee pollen!

But, if you want something a little more strong than honey or pollen, Pure Encapsulations has a large variety of hypoallergenic supplements that can also help strengthen your immune system! They have such a wide range of products, so it is easy to find the types of products that will best help you conquer your allergy symptoms.

The best product for immune support is their Immune Support Liquid. For someone who does not love taking pills, like myself, this liquid is a life saver! It has a yummy natural grape flavor, and has healthy immune supporting ingredients like elderberry and lemon balm in it!

Finding healthier ways to support my body is always a positive for me, and I am eager to begin using Immune Support Liquid in my day to day life!