Reusable Products for a Smaller Environmental Footprint

Hello everyone!

With the holidays rapidly approaching, it can be so difficult to find the perfect gift for loved ones. I know that I struggle with not wanting to give a generic gift to someone who is so hard to buy for!

So, here are some great alternatives that are reusable and can make a wonderful gift!

Coconut Bowls & Spoons

What better gift for cold weather than a recipe card with your favorite soup recipe, and a set of coconut bowls and spoons? If they have little ones, there is a kid size option that you could gift with an edible play dough recipe. If not, you could use the bowl to hold a fun homemade “reindeer mix” trail mix! It is a great gift that keeps on giving!

Silicone Straws

If your friend or family member enjoys going out, these silicone straws in a reusable container are a life saver! They are small enough to fit in a small purse or a pocket, so they are easy to keep on you at all times! Give them these with a gift card to their favorite spot for drinks, or a fancy beverage such as rose lemonade!

Even better! They come with a foldable cleaning tool, so you never forget to wash them out.

Reusable Bags

For a busy parent, or just someone who loves their snacks, these Stasher bags are a life saver! They are easy to clean, and will quickly replace single use plastic bags! To gift these, you could fill them with homemade cookies, toffee, or peanut brittle, and leave the recipe with them!

2020 has been such a challenging year, so focusing on giving gifts that keep giving back to our Earth is a great way to finish it up!