Best Teas for Fall’s Cold and Flu Season

As much as I love fall, I could do without the illness that seems to come alongside it. The changing of the seasons, as beautiful as it is, also presents many opportunities for colds and flus to take root in our bodies. That being said, there are things that we can do to curb the symptoms of cold and flu.

Elle’s Top Tips for Beating Cold and Flu Season:

  • Eat lots of spicy soups
    • Find a local Asian restaurant and stock up on hot and spicy soup to kick illness to the curb.
  • Bundle Up!
    • Protecting your ears, neck, and hands/feet from being cold is so important!
    • Get a cute set of hat and gloves like these if you plan on being outside!
  • Drink hot tea with Manuka honey to coat your throat and get good nutrients in.

Gaia Herbs provides many awesome teas that can help get rid of any cold and flu symptoms! They have all natural teas that can cover such a wide range of symptoms. Two of my favorites are the sinus relief and the sleep teas, because I often find it hard to sleep when I do not feel well. In addition to those, there are also many teas meant to help over the course of time, such as ones that emphasize adrenal health.

In a pandemic, it is easy to forget the other illnesses we need to protect ourselves from. Gaia Herbs’ teas make it easy to put protective measures into our daily lives!