HDFS @ the U of I

There is no department that compares to Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS) at the University of Illinois. HDFS helped me succeed in my goals by giving me a place on campus where I feel comfortable being myself. Instantly, HDFS became a home away from home. By having such a close-knit group of faculty, staff, and students I felt comfortable taking chances that have helped me grow. Beyond the relationships I have developed, the standard of education and opportunities for personal and professional growth are endless. Our program offers limitless hands-on experiences and access to research opportunities that I never dreamed of. The amount of support and encouragement I have within the HDFS department is unmatched; it has continuously inspired me to follow my career path and create positive change in the world around me. I am beyond thankful that I found a home within this university and am reminded each and every day why I chose HDFS at UIUC.

Joslin is an HDFS Junior with a concentration in Family Studies who aspires to be a Marriage & Family Therapist.