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HackCulture 2018: Community Change

Congratulations to our participants! We had some fantastic projects this year, and you can see them all in IDEALS.


HackCulture is a humanities focused hackathon that runs from March 30th to April 20th. We’ll have a kickoff event, a midpoint check-in, and a judging event. Within this year’s theme of community change will be several different categories of data, such as community health, social justice, and business.

We hope the longer format event will encourage those new to the hackathon concept to apply and have adequate time to develop new skills. During the event you’ll work in a team to produce something with data the Library will provide to you.

Registration is limited to fifty people. If you’d like to participate, please apply here: https://surveys.illinois.edu/sec/1392596 by March 16th at 11:59pm.


Through HackCulture, we’d like to make working with data more accessible to humanists, encourage interdisciplinary collaboration, and help to build a community of peers and mentors across campus.


HackCulture is sponsored by the University Library, the iSchool, and CITL.