This is my favorite sport. I was a long distance swimmer in my college and my university during my undergraduate years. I have been participating in competitions from 2002 until 2008.

During the last two years of my swimming career, I started practicing for 50 M Butterfly event as well. I have participated in 50 M Butterfly, 200 M, 400 M, 1500 M freestyle swimming in various competitions.

I have organized and participated in a crazy swimming competition – Swimmathon – in IIT Bombay. In the competition, the participant has to swim continuously for 12 hours, without exiting the pool. The participant cannot stand on the side unless he is taking a refreshment break that lasts for 15 seconds only. I swam 21.2 kms (2008) and 20.7 kms (2009) in 12 hours. By far, this is the toughest competition I have taken part in.


I played Waterpolo for IIT Bombay. We have won a silver and a bronze medal in Inter IIT Waterpolo championship.
Waterpolo is a challenging game, because it requires one to have extreme control over breathing as well as skills in water. This is the reason I love this game.

Other Sports

Among other sports, I play hockey, cross-country and triathlon.

Hockey was my favorite sport in college. I used to play at left forward position.