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Why not Linux?

Like most operating systems (OS for short), Linux has its advantages and disadvantages, and may be better for some users than others. But it’s largest problem, by far, has nothing to do with any sort of software or hardware- it’s its PR. Despite the fact that the public perception of Linux hasn’t changed too drastically, read more »

Gaming on non-Windows Operating Systems

Now that everyone’s gearing up for the end of the semester, I thought it would be nice to do a for fun post (though don’t forget, ITD still has office hours going on where you can practice presentations and ask questions!). Apple’s iPad isn’t the only news for Mac aficionados lately. News sources over a read more »

Word of the Week

operating system: a program that manages computer activities and is necessary in order to run other programs. The operating system manages the various hardware and software resources of a computer. Examples of operating systems include: Microsoft’s Windows 7 Apple’s Snow Leopard Linux Mint To learn more: Dictionary.com entry Wikipedia entry Webopedia entry How Stuff Works read more »

Google Chrome

My current default browser isFirefox. I like how my add-ons are set up and I’m comfortable with it. I also have Safari and Camino on my MacBook as sometimes things don’t work in Firefox, and it’s nice to have more than one browser for troubleshooting purposes here in the office. But a couple days ago read more »