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First year grad student and GA/TA at ITD/Helpdesk, just blogging away about making technology your friend and ally.

#teamawesome Profile: Adam Mann

Name: Adam Mann Position Title: Graduate Assistant/ Teaching Assistant Year at GSLIS: 2nd (and a half) Favorite food in C-U: Radio Maria, but since I usually can’t afford that, Bombay Favorite treat to find at Help Desk: 10lb bags of gummy bears Interests within LIS: Academic libraries, instructional technology and design Interests outside of LIS: read more »

#teamawesome Profile: Franklin

This is the first of many weekly Thursday posts about the members of #teamawesome. Who is that mysterious person on Blackboard chat? What are we like? Maybe this will give you an idea! Name: Franklin Kramer Position Title: Help Desk Extraordinaire  Year at GSLIS: This is my last semester Favorite food in C-U: Golden Harbor read more »

Farewell…until 2013

The toughest thing about having an awesome assistantship with #teamawesome is that it is, well, an assistantship and you have classes as well as work. Hence, we’ve been a little absent. We’ll be back though! We’ve spent the past few weeks thinking up new workshops, tutorials, and blog posts for next semester. Here’s some of read more »

ITPF 2012 Posting Series, Part 4: Thoughts on Richard Wolf’s Presentation, Dude, Where’s My Lab?…Five+ Things That Are Going to Happen

If anyone was taking notes at ITPF 2012 like me, they would have noticed one buzzword quietly appearing in many presentations: mobile technology. There is no need though to point this out to Richard Wolf of the Academic Computing and Communications Center at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Wolf made it clear that he read more »

ITPF 2012 Posting Series, Part 3: Thoughts on Solomon Roberts-Lieb’s Presentation, Research and Structure: Providing Fun and Function

Team building can be one of those subjects that conjures up thoughts of seminars on business that use lots of clever acronyms and inspirational talks. The College of Fine and Applied Arts though is currently trying to take the concept out of the seminar room and into real work life for their IT team. FAA read more »

ITPF 2012 Posting Series, Part 2: Thoughts on Paul Hixson and Greg Gulick’s Presentation, Developing a Campus IT Strategic Plan

Change only works when everyone is in it together and that is what was empathized by speakers, Paul Hixson from the Office of the CIO and Greg Gulick of CITES, from the ITPF presentation, Developing a Campus IT Strategic Plan. An IT Strategic Plan has been called for by the Office of the Provost this read more »

ITPF 2012 Posting Series, Part 1: Thoughts on the Opening Address, IT: A Platform for Agility, given by Andrea S. Ballingers

To succeed in the ever changing, ever fast-paced world of information technology, you need agility according to Andrea S. Ballingers, Associate Vice President for Administrative Technologies at Illinois State University. She opened up by stating that we all have our own unique “super powers,” reflecting the comic book theme of this year’s Information Technology Professionals read more »

Posting Series: Information Technology Professionals Forum (ITPF) 2012

So some of us from #teamawesome made it out to this year’s forum. If you’ve never heard about this event, here’s their website: I didn’t make it out to all the presentations but still made it to some interesting ones. I have some critiques and thoughts about what I hear from a library science point of view. read more »

Halloween May Be Over But…..

In case you are already missing the mischief and costumes of Halloween and especially while watching the British celebrate Guy Fawkes Day, here’s Team Awesome in their Halloween best. Much thanks to Emily (also known as Apple) for supplying the pictures! It was an eventful day at the Help Desk. Apple and Windows both showed up and read more »

Team Awesome’s Awesome Blogs to Follow List

Like all other web enthusiasts the members of Team Awesome love following blogs, bookmarking them like some people collect comic books. In honor of the ending of Blogtober, here is a casually curated list of our favorites as library school students and future professionals in the LIS field*. Just click on the name and it will take you to read more »