Good Monday, everybody! As the semester begins to wind down into the home stretch, you all may find yourselves feeling overwhelmed by work, projects, or just the general looming dread of the SADs as the temperature starts to drop.

I’m finding that we’re discussing this more often in the particular circles I inhabit, but something that tends to fall by the wayside, especially in grad school, is self care. Finding a chunk of time in your schedule just to make sure you’re taking care of yourself. Have you eaten recently? Drank some water? Just taken a minute to shut your eyes and breathe?

If you’re away from your home or apartment, you can still find ways to take a breather. So whether you need two minutes or two hours, here are a couple of pages you can visit to help clear things out.

I’ve split these pages into two groups: websites where you can actively create or participate, and websites where you can passively watch or listen.

Active Pages

Create Your Own Nebula

Silk: Create Art With Rotational Symmetry

Drifting Afternoon: Aim and click with your mouse to move the cat from balloon to balloon.

Music Catch: Catch the yellow shapes. Focus on the music.

Echo Genesis: Very low-key game where you move between environments, casually interacting with the animals.

Tone Matrix: Click around on the grid to make a musical loop.

Passive Pages

MyNoise Sound Generators: Pick a sound generator that fits your mood, slide the bars to what you want. Leave it playing while you work or write.

Calm.Com: Pick your relaxation spot. Set your time.

The Nicest Place on the Internet: Do you just need a hug?

Do Nothing For Two Minutes: Fairly self-explanatory.


I hope you’re all well.

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