Meet the Staff: Fall 2014 Edition – Brynnen!

Good morning, Champaign, Urbana, and all other locations! Hope that all y’all had nice fall breaks (or at least as much of a break as you could muster) and that everyone is feeling on top of their game as we enter the month of December! Today’s very special Meet the Staff features none other than ye wise ol’ Brynnen Owen, who is the Assistant Director of Core Systems at GSLIS. He would like to point out, however, that there is not a Director of Core Systems? And on that note, that note, let’s get started!

Brynnen Owen, also known as Boris R. Ynnen, also known as The Reverend Professor Doctor Owen, works in the Systems office on the second floor, and his favorite item to borrow from the GSLIS Help Desk is, “GA labor! Get stuff done!” It is always very fun when he needs to install a server and brings a few GAs along to assist!

While he hasn’t taken a class in a while, he’s always learning, and he comments, “I don’t take classes.  I did learn that sulfur and aluminum are transported by rail cars in liquid form, meaning really really really hot.” I learned something new too!

The top three things that Brynnen would bring with him on a desert island are:

  1. Refreshments to last a lifetime.
  2. Book: 1001 Ways to Make Modern Technology of out Coconuts and Pedals, by The Professor.
  3. Star Trek communicator with matching Star Trek Enterprise in orbit.

Finally, one unique thing about Brynnen? Direct quote: “People keep telling me I’m unique, but I’m not sure what they mean?” Well, Brynnen, we’re not sure either but we are sure glad to have you on board! For questions about anything and everything GSLIS, whether it’s to do with printers, servers, GUMMS, or perhaps what GUMMS stands for, he’s your go to guy! Stop by Systems today!

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