Meet the Staff: Fall 2014 Edition – Franklin!

Good afternoon, and hope this chilly weather is treating you well, fellow GSLIS-ers! Today I have the pleasure of writing a Meet the Staff blurb about the often-imitated-but-never-duplicated Franklin Kramer! After getting his Masters degree from GSLIS and working at the Help Desk as a graduate assistant and teaching assistant, Franklin stayed on with the team to become a Technical Support Specialist. All the printers threatened to go on strike if he didn’t.

Franklin’s favorite item to borrow from the Help Desk is our handy dandy umbrella, and while you’ll often find him working furiously in the Systems Office, he is also very busy winning local scavenger hunts, playing around with gadgets like Google Cardboard, and wrangling the GAs. Recently, he watched a very informative video about Dogecoin (and you can too!) –

If Franklin were stranded on a desert island, the top three things he’d bring with him would be:

  1. Working helicopter
  2. Extra gas for helicopter
  3. Manual for how to fly the helicopter

And, one final thing to boot! One unique thing about Franklin is that while in Europe he made sure to spend two days in Sardinia so he could find and try their local specialty, casu marzu (aka maggot cheese). Sounds like quite the culinary experience! To hear more about Franklin’s time at GSLIS, gastro-fantastic adventures, or simply to get some help with wireless connectivity or the VPN, stop by the GSLIS Help Desk anytime this week, 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday!


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