Meet the Staff: Fall 2014 Edition – Brianna!

Guess what, team? Today is your day because we will be featuring TWO staff members in the blog this fine Tuesday! Meet the Staff part II edition features Help Desk GA/TA extraordinaire Brianna Walker, our lucky second star hailing from Chicago. No stranger to the U of I lifestyle (she received her undergraduate degree in English at UIUC), Brianna’s GSLIS concentration is a blend of public libraries and emerging technology, and she’s graduating this December!

Her favorite item to borrow from the Help Desk is the pair of Sony 9 Headphones, which help her jam to Fleetwood Mac, Taylor Swift, and Neil Simon. Last semester she took Dave Dubin’s Python class (LIS452) and became an information processing master; she highly recommends that you do the same!

If Brianna were stranded on a desert island, she would bring the following things with her:

  1. a mattress
  2. 5 million bottles of wine
  3. twitter

And since she’s the second post of the day, I also have TWO unique items to share:

  1. Brianna was born in Texas in a snowstorm on New Year’s day.
  2. Brianna has read every Taylor Swift thinkpiece on the internet.

For snark, dancing, and as always, the best technology assistance in the land, please visit the GSLIS Help Desk today!

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