#teamawesome Profile: Kaity

Hi there folks! I just became an author on this lovely blog and with this new power I hereby reinstate the weekly #teamawesome profile posts!  Beginning of course, with my own.


In a world of silly hats, one serious hat commands.

Name: Kaity Bequette

Position Title: Graduate Assistant/ Teaching Assistant

Year at GSLIS: 2nd-ish (started Sprig Semester of 2013)

Favorite food in C-U: Black Dog or Chipotle

Favorite treat to find at Help Desk: Popcorn with extra butter or chocolate chip cookies

Interests within LIS: Archives, Digitization and public service

Interests outside of LIS: Batman and the Internet at large

Favorite Web Browser: Chrome, all day e’eryday

What excites me about technology right now: Image-based micro-blogging and its applications in the world of information professionals.

Best way to find or contact me: U of I email (bequett2@illinois.edu) or in all honesty, Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Kaity.Bequette)

Personal Mantra: One more episode…

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