#teamawesome Profile: Aisha CG

picture of Aisha, member of Team Awesome for the year 2012 to 2013

Name: Aisha
Position Title: Graduate Assistant at GSLIS Help Desk & LEEP Teaching Assistant in Instructional Design and Technology Office 
Year at GSLIS: End of first year
Favorite food in C-U: Lai Lai Wok Shrimp-fried Rice
Favorite treat to find at Help Desk: Jelly beans “pooped out” by Help Desk squirrel
Interests within LIS: Special Collections, Community Informatics, Being nosey about everyone’s projects
Interests outside of LIS: minority growth in higher education, learning to cook without poisoning people, preparing for the apocalypse that got rescheduled in December
Favorite Web Browser: Final showdown between Firefox and Google Chrome
What excites me about technology right now: Integration of visual media and communication across platforms. I’m still amazed at Netflix, the advent of Youtube, and the glory that is Skype.
Best way to find or contact me: Bat signal or carrier pigeon
Personal Mantra: If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong.

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