Keeping up with the times

It is the middle of September! Which can only mean the latest fall fashions are out and especially the new fall tech. Today, Apple is unveiling the Iphone 5. Amazon has already released its Kindle Fire. New apps are coming up everywhere. Most importantly perhaps though, Windows 8 will soon be out this October and it seems to promise that your PC desktop will never be the same again. One of a librarian or information manager’s most important duties is to stay on top of all this. One of the best ways to do that is to know who to follow. We can help you do that.

From WordPress: –>Tech news site that also broadcasts their annual conference in San Francisco online. –>Connected, of course, to Time magazine but provides up-to-date info about just anything related to the greater tech world. –>Very similar to techland and techcrunch. Lots of relevant updates in quick-to-digest bits.

From Tumblr: –> The Tumblr account for Wired magazine. Follows everything Wired does but provides on a daily rather than monthly basis. –> Hey, librarians! This is run by a librarian who works at West Point and you can expect this guy to be pretty thorough with his topics/ –>Connected with the The Next Web website and focuses mostly on recent notable soundbites and images connected to the latest tech news

From the greater land that is the Internet: –>A solid, well-established website that shares the latest news in the tech world and also provides solid reviews for about anything. –> The sister site of Cnet but still another nice resource to which you can refer.

The truth is though that these are a small group of resources. If you have a go-to resource, put them in the comments!

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