Team Awesome Feature Edition – Leighton Christianson

As I mentioned in my last post, we will be doing some sort of Team Awesome post every other Friday. Today’s post is the Team Awesome Feature Edition, where we feature a member of our amazing ITD/Help Desk team!

So… who is today’s Team Awesome feature?

This guy:

Leighton Christianson
Leighton Christianson

Leighton sent me a mini-biography in the form of tweets, which is a feat in itself:

1986-1987 University of Iowa, English major, social activist. Political GPA was higher than academic. #dropoutcity
1987-1993 carpenter, bus driver, pizza and newspaper delivery, 2 community colleges, more social activism #livedinatrailer
1993 truck driving school, and my new career #whyyesIdrovenakedaskmeaboutthissometime
1993-2008 1.5 million miles, for 6 different companies, 2 abortive career changes and 2489 audio books #soulcrushing
1993-2008 side jobs or alternate paths: household goods mover, professional revolutionary, radical journalist, photo editor
2006 return to Kirkwood Community College, all online, while trucking full time #doinghomeworkwhileturkeyswereloaded
2007 return to University of Iowa for English, with minor in Informatics; study New Media Poetry #digitaldriver
2008 retire for the 3rd and last time from truck driving for part time campus IT job #SITA_bestjobinIT_trainingfaculty
2009 Graduate from Iowa with Honors #gpaturnaround Attend GSLIS, mission to learn to preserve our digital present #DCEP
2009 join GEO, elected to strike committee due to past experience in CTDU, UAW, Teamsters, join GSLIS ITD #lovetheleepers

Now that you know more about Team Awesome, what else would you like to know about us? Do you have any questions you want to ask to the next person who is featured in the Team Awesome Feature Edition?

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