MSDNAA: Windows 7 Now Available to GSLIS Students via Webstore


The Webstore now has an MSDNAA (Microsoft Developers Network Academic Alliance) version of Windows 7 available for GSLIS students to download free of charge!  Windows 7 is set to be released to the general public on October 22nd, but select departments can get it before the release date through the MSDNAA program. The file is 2.3 GB (the x64 version is over 3 GB) and comes in an ISO format, which means it will take some time to download and you’ll need the appropriate hardware (DVD Writer) and software to burn the disk.  InfraRecorder is free Open Source software that you can use to burn an ISO image.   Once the CD image is burned to a DVD you can run the setup. 

I put the MSDNAA version of Windows 7 on ITD’s “Vista Laptop” and encountered no problems at all during the setup, but I did have to re-install all the programs that we use regularly like Firefox, Java, Flash, and Open Office.  The Windows 7 setup put all of Vista’s old files into a directory called Windows.Old, so I can go back in and retrieve files from the previous Vista install:


Other than a few cosmetic differences, I really can’t tell much difference between Windows 7 and Windows Vista, but just remember to BACK UP EVERYTHING if you’re seriously thinking about upgrading to this version of Windows 7.  Also keep in mind that you’ll have to re-install any software that you like to use, so make sure you have all your software installation CDs and software licenses handy.

Oh, and for all of you Windows using LEEPers out there that are curious: after installing Java, Elluminate Live Sessions ran beautifully.

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