Website(s) of the Week

A double whammy this week. After all, when it comes to fun, twice the amount is well, two times better! We present two more comic websites for your enjoyment!

PHD Comics fulfills all your intellectual needs, and some more. With the school year wound down and another one coming up soon enough, we need to spend some time laughing at ourselves before we get caught up in the neverending cycle of school-work-sleep(?) yet again.

In the same spirit of things, we also present Unshelved. Near and dear and all-too-familiar to us librarian types, you’ll have a ball of a time with this, especially since the site is updated daily.

Both websites allow for RSS subscriptions so you’ll never miss a comic strip. Both websites have also published books (PHD/ Unshelved) and have a webstore to satisfy your shopping needs (PHD/ Unshelved). Enjoy!

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