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8 May, 1995: New Century Network Launched

On this day, the New York Times joined up with eight other newspaper organizations to form the New Century Network, with the goal of linking local online news services into a national network on the World Wide Web. According to the NYT Website:

“The New York Times Company said yesterday that it was joining with eight other large newspaper companies to create a national on-line information service on the Internet’s World Wide Web.

The service, called New Century Network, will enable personal computer users to call up news articles and other information, including job advertisements, from participating newspapers. It is expected to be in operation later this year [1995]…Together, these companies own more than 200 daily newspapers.”

Interesting to consider the current state of news media publications vis a vis the predominance of online-only content. In the words of Homer J. Simpson: “Did you know they now have the internet on computers?”

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