Reader’s Advisory Free Websites

Many librarians enter the field by taking jobs in smaller, less well-funded libraries before moving on to the bigger and wealthier libraries. This means fewer databases and resources for answering patron questions and finding those materials patrons want/need. Reader’s advisory is a hot topic in librarianship right now, and finding books for patrons on for-profit databases may not be an option for some of us. Here are a few free ways of finding books a patron may enjoy:

Kent District Library: Books and More: The What’s Next: Books in Series is a very useful part of this website for finding the order for books in a series.

Mid-Continent Public Library Reader’s Advisory

This One Next is particularly useful because it also provides advisory suggestions for music and movies. is an interesting one because it gives you different continuums to set from things like happy to sad to sex to no sex. Probably one to point patrons to rather than use in reader’s advisory but still a fun site.

Do you have a favorite site you use when looking for a book to pick up? Post a comment and let us know!

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