Governing Smart Cities as Knowledge Commons

GLOSS PI Madelyn Rose Sanfilippo has co-edited a new book, Governing Smart Cities as Knowledge Commons, with Brett M. Frischmann (Villanova University School of Law) and Michael J. Madison (University of Pittsburgh School of Law). The book examines how several cities handle ethical, economic, political, and social issues arising from the cities’ technologically advanced statuses. […]

Dissertation Defense: Chang Liu

Chang Liu successfully defended his dissertation “SOCIOTECHNICAL MATCHING: FURNITURE MANUFACTURERS AT THE PERIPHERIES OF CHINESE ECONOMIC REFORM” June 6, 2022. The committee members were: Dr. Madelyn Sanfilippo (iSchool), Chair and Director of Research Dr. Anita Chan (iSchool) Dr. Michael Twidale (iSchool) Dr. Yu Hong (Zhejiang University) The newly minted Dr. Liu is interning with JP Morgan Chase […]