Rooming & Food

Students are housed in the Illinois Street Residence Hall on the University of Illinois campus. Each residence hall is air-conditioned and situated a few blocks away from the instructional facilities. Students share a room with one other participant; assignments are randomly made. The building is coed with male and female students separated by floor.  and is staffed with security personnel 24 hours a day.

Two Resident Assistants (RAs), a male and a female University of Illinois students, will live in the students’ residence until the end of the course. The Resident Assistants are carefully chosen from the University of Illinois student body for their experience working with youth and expertise in the topics covered during the program. They are responsible for students’ safety, and will serve as a vital source of information about the program and UIUC campus.

Accepted students will receive e-mail communication directing them to information on moving-in procedures, disability services, transportation, what to bring and other program details . The first-day orientation will prepare students to use good judgment and understand safety guidelines so that they can enjoy the program and living on campus throughout their stay.

Meals will include food catered from local restaurants and meals served in the Residence Hall.  If a participant has special dietary needs, please be sure to indicate this in student acceptance forms so that arrangements can be made with the University’s Dining Services staff. Meals begin with dinner on Sunday and are served through lunch on Friday.