Applying for ugrad research with me

I am happy to have undergraduate researchers in my group. If you are interested in my research, please fill out this application. I will review applications periodically. I prefer to take undergraduate researchers onto well defined projects that have some clear match between available roles and students’ skills. Be sure to be specific about why you are interested in a specific project and why you would be a good fit for that project.

Research Interests

Closing the research-to-practice gap in education, sparking and sustaining education innovation, conceptual change and misconceptions, and assessing student learning

Externally Funded Research Grants

  • Herman, G. L. (PI) Collaborative Research: SaTC: EDU: Examining Pedagogy in Cybersecurity at Military Academies. National Science Foundation, SaTC, $176,277, 2022-2025, DGE 2138925.
  • Silva, M. (PI), Herman, G. L., West, M. Enhancing equity and access via digitally-mediated collaborative learning experiences. National Science Foundation, $300,000, 2021-2024, DUE 2121412.
  • Herman, G. L. (PI) Collaborative Research: EAGER SaTC-EDU: Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity: From Research to the Classroom. National Science Foundation, SaTC, $80,000, 2021-2023. DGE 2115040.
  • Herman, G. L. (PI), Alawini, A. Foundational research and data-driven tool development to enhance learning of database programming. National Science Foundation, IUSE, $300,000, 2020-2023. DUE 2021499.
  • Zilles, C. (PI), Herman, G., Bretl, T., West, M. Exploring Second-Chance Testing as a Practical Form of Mastery Learning. National Science Foundation, IUSE, $600,000, 2019-2022. DUE 1915257
  • Herman, G. L. (PI), SFS-Capacity: Collaborative: Validation of Concept Assessment Tools for Cybersecurity. (In Collaboration with A. T. Sherman, L. Oliva, & D. Phatak of University of Maryland, Baltimore County). National Science Foundation, $190,033: 2018-2021. DGE 1820531.
  • Herman, G. L. (PI), Creating a Cybersecurity Curriculum Assessment Tool. (In collaboration with A. T. Sherman, L. Oliva, & D. Phatak of University of Maryland, Baltimore County). Department of Defense, $128,495.77: 2017-2018. CNAP-CAE Grant# H98230-17-1-03473.
  • Bashir, R. (PI), Loewenstein, J., Amos, J., Herman, G. L., Boppart, S. Defining the Frontiers of Bioengineering Education at Illinois and Beyond. National Science Foundation, IUSE/PFE:RED, $1,998,057, 2016-2021. EEC 1623141.
  • Herman, G. L. (PI) & Pembridge, J. Conference Title: Research Integration of Early Findings from Institution Transformation Projects. National Science Foundation, IUSE, $45,808: 2016-2017. DUE 1622893.
  • Herman, G. L. (PI), Litchfield, B., Amos, J., & Rapti, Z. MATH:EAGER Understanding faculty barriers in adopting evidence-based integrated mathematics curricula. National Science Foundation, IUSE, $299,207: 2015-2017. DUE 1544388.
  • Herman, G. L. (PI) Creating concept and curriculum assessment tools for Cybersecurity (In collaboration with A. T. Sherman, L. Oliva, & D. Phatak of University of Maryland, Baltimore County). Department of Defense, $147,099: 2015-2016. BAA-00-15, NSA H98230­15­1­0273.
  • Mercier, E. (PI), Herman, G. L., & Peschel, J. Fostering collaborative drawing and problem solving through digital sketch and touch. National Science Foundation, Cyberlearning, $549,995: 2014-2017. IIS 1441149.
  • Herman, G. L (PI). & Peschel, J. Exploring expert & novice graphical communication through digital sketching. National Science Foundation, Research in Engineering Education, $248,239: 2014-2017. EEC 1429348.
  • Mestre, J. (PI), Greene, J., Herman, G. L., Tomkin, J., & West, M. Scaling cultures of collaboration: Evidence-based reform in portal STEM courses. National Science Foundation, Widening Implementation & Demonstration of Evidence-Based Reforms, $2,000,000: 2014-2017. DUE 1347722
  • Loui, M. C. (PI), Herman, G. L., & Goldberg, D. E. Enhancing Intrinsic Motivation in Core Engineering Courses. National Science Foundation, Transforming Undergraduate Education in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, $200,000: 2012-2014. DUE 1140554

Research Awards and Fellowships

ACM SIGCSE 2023 Best Paper Award 2023
ACM ICER 2021 Honorable Mention Award 2021
Journal of Engineering Education Star Reviewer, 2018 2018
ACM SIGCSE Best Paper of the First 50 Years 2019
ASEE IL-IN 2018 Annual Conference, Best Poster 2018
IEEE Transactions on Education, Finalist for Best Paper of the Year 2012
ASEE Educational Research & Methods Division Apprentice Faculty Grant 2011
IEEE Signal Processing Education Workshop 2011 Best Student Paper Award 2011
Mavis Future Faculty program fellow: co-founded program, mentored first year fellows 2010-2011
E.A. Reid Fellowship for students pursuing an academic career in engineering 2009
Mavis Memorial Fund Scholarship for students planning to become engineering teachers 2008


Innovation in Engineering and STEM Education
SIIP_WIDER network
How Students Learn Engineering and Computer Science
Designing Educational Assessment Tools
Intrinsic Motivation Course Conversions