IT Partners has worked to supply enough computer equipment to allow employees to continue their job functions remotely.

Working remotely can be a challenge if you don’t have the proper technology equipment at your remote location. To effectively work from a remote location, you’ll need:

  • A high-speed internet connection.
  • Your 2FA method of choice (either your smartphone, USB token, or cell phone).
  • A computer (preferably a laptop or tablet device). A smartphone can be used for a a large number of job functions, but not all.
  • An integrated or external microphone. This can be your phone headset, smartphone headphones (with in-line mic), or a USB speakerphone.
  • An integrated video camera or USB web cam. While video isn’t critical, it can contribute to a sense of team during remote work. Video should be used sparingly, however, to conserve bandwidth resources.

If you experience internet connectivity issues while working remotely, please do everything to minimize excess usage in your home — including members of your household not streaming TV or games while you’re in Skype or Zoom meetings. Children being out of school will have a significant impact on network resources, so please do what you can to have your children be responsible citizens during this crisis.

Please contact your unit leadership to request any equipment you may need while working remotely. They can then request loaner equipment from IT Partners.