DOD grants the 3rd award on behavior of multiphase porous media in 2020! YAY

The Department of Defense (DOD) has announced awards to 150 university researchers totaling $50 million under the Defense University Research Instrumentation Program (DURIP).  These grants will be provided to 85 institutions across 33 states in Fiscal Year (FY) 2021. Grateful that our lab has received one!


UIUC Extension grants project titled “Illinois Geothermal Coalition Technical and Education/Outreach Program”

As Illinois moves towards achieving its commitment of converting all energy systems to running on 100% renewable energy by 2050, it is recognized that other renewable energy sources besides solar and wind energy, including geothermal energy, will be needed to meet the State’s future energy demands. This project will develop a technical and E&O program that supports wider adoption of geothermal energy systems and disseminates information to decision makers and public stakeholders about the potential economic, energy efficiency, and environmental benefits to the residents of Illinois. The team consists of experts in different fields. For more information visit:

Dr. Baser receives Young Investigator Program Award of the Air Force Office of Scientific Research

The awarded project focuses on mesoscale characterization of phase dependent behavior of porous media in extreme loading conditions. More details of the program can be found below.

Dr. Baser features in sustainability training video @UIUC

Dr. Baser participated in sustainability training to educate future generations on impacts of climate warming and extreme weather induced hazards. Dr. Baser is heavily involved in sustainability development of the UIUC campus through UIUC and Department of Energy (DOE) funded projects since she joined the department of CEE in 2018. The major focus of the projects funded by the Institute of Sustainability, Energy, and Environment and Carbon Credit Sales Funds at UIUC and Geothermal Technologies Office at DOE is sustainable and environmental friendly energy solutions. Baser also participates in the outreach activities to increase awareness on climate change and potential solutions to the increasing energy demands. You can stream the training video at this link below.

Department of energy funds Phase 1 project on geothermal development in Illinois Basin

Department of Energy has granted CEE, Projeo, and  ISGS for the project titled “FEASIBILITY OF STORING HEAT IN THE SUBSURFACE FOR FLEXIBLE ELECTRICITY GENERATION”. The project focuses on demonstrating the proof of concept of utilizing existing oil and gas wells to generate electricity via a heat injection field experiment and numerical analyses. The overall goals of this research are to (1) eliminate the uncertainties involved in geothermal drilling; (2) provide a potential solution to the environmental hazards (methane escape) posed by abandoned oil and gas wells and (3) promote widespread use of geothermal energy development across USA. Graduate student Josiane Jello is the principal graduate research assistant working on the project.

Team members:

  • Dr. Tugce Baser – CEE
  • Nick Malkewicz – Projeo Corporation
  • Dr. Steve Whitakker – ISGS

Environmental engineering and sustainability camp students learn about Climate Change and Renewable Energy


It was a very entertaining yet informative afternoon session today with female high school students within the CEE Environmental Engineering and Sustainability camp (formerly known as G.A.M.E.S.), part of the Illinois Engineering Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering Program. It is a residential one-week camp for rising 10th to 12th grade female students to promote diversity and inclusion in STEM majors!

First, the students took a tour of Abbott Power Plant on campus, which uses waste water – one of the products of power production to provide more sustainable energy system and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Then, they learnt about climate change, energy, and different types of renewable energy sources of earth in detail.


## These girls made my day 🙂


UIUC Grad Fellowship and Grant

Excellent students interested in pursuing a graduate degree in Geotechnical Engineering please find the announcements for Fellowships and Grants at UIUC below.

University of Illinois and GeoReL at CEE are committed to increase the diversity and inclusion of underrepresented students in STEM. If you are interested in pursuing a graduate studies at GeoReL, you can contact me at including your CV in the email!