Courses @ Illinois


Courses Commonly Taken by Undergraduates
Geol 107: Physical geologyFall, Spring
CEE 380: Geotechnical engineeringFall, Spring
CEE 480: Foundation engineeringSpring
Courses Taken by Undergraduates and Graduates
CEE 483: Soil mechanics and behaviorFall, Spring
CEE 484: Applied soil mechanicsSpring
Graduate Courses in Geotechnical Engineering
CEE 580: Excavation and support systemsSpring (even years)
CEE 581: Earth damsFall
CEE 582: Consolidation of claysFall (even years)
CEE 583: Shear strength of soilsSpring (odd years)
CEE 584: Geotechnical case historiesn/a
CEE 585: Deep foundationsFall
CEE 586: Rock mechanics and behaviorFall (even years)
CEE 587: Applied rock mechanicsn/a
CEE 588: Geotechnical earthquake engineeringSpring (odd years)
CEE 589: Computational geomechanicsSpring (even years)
CEE 590: Geotechnical field measurementFall (odd years)
CEE 598TSR: Tunneling in soil and rock (special topics)Spring (odd years)
Some of the Graduate Courses in CEE Taken by M.S. Students in Geotechnical Engineering
CEE 452: Hydraulic analysis and designSpring
CEE 457: GroundwaterFall
CEE 463: Reinforced concrete IIFall (even years)
CEE 468: Prestressed concreteFall (odd years)
CEE 471: Structural mechanicsFall
CEE 472: Structural dynamics IFall
CEE 491: Decision and risk analysisSpring
CEE 561: Reinforced concrete IIISpring (odd years)
CEE 570: Finite element methodsSpring
Some of the Geology Courses Taken by M.S. Students in Geotechnical Engineering
Geol 118: Natural disastersFall, Spring, Summer
Geol 333: Earth materials and the environmentSpring
Geol 401: GeomorphologyFall
Geol 411: Structural geology and tectonicsFall
Geol 415: Field geologySpring
Geol 417: Geologic field methods, Western USSummer
Geol 440: Sedimentology and StratigraphySpring
Geol 470: Introduction to hydrogeologySpring

NOTE:  1 unit = 4 hours; Minimum of 36 hours (9 units) are required for M.S. degree (non-thesis option)

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