Problematic Soils in Australia and New Zealand

Thursday, March 3, 2016 – 12:00pm, B02 Coordinated Science Laboratory (CSL)

Sergei Terzaghi , Principal at ARUP

Australia and New Zealand contain many unusual and/or problematic soils.  Failure tounderstand the properties and behavior of these materials will lead to major cost overrunsand substantial difficulties in projects involving these materials.  Conversely, designingthe projects to take into account the unusual properties can lead to significant costsavings.  A number of case histories from both countries will be presented to illustrate theunique properties and how these properties can either lead to an economical design or toproblems. In New Zealand, there are two groups of soils that lead to fairly unusualproblems. The first is the pumiceous materials of the Central Volcanic Zone and theirallophane rich weathered materials, and the second are the residual soils of Auckland andNorthland.  All of these materials have high void ratios, but contrary to expectation, theyare often quite strong and stiff. Once a critical yield stress (or strain) is reached however,their behavior changes quite radically.  The reasons and consequences will be discussed.

Please view the flyer and bio attached for further details: GESO Guest Speaker -Sergei Terzaghi