While much progress has been made on geospatial software and related scientific advances, significant scientific and engineering challenges remain unsolved. The central goal of this National Science Foundation (NSF) project is to plan a Geospatial Software Institute (GSI) as a long-term hub of excellence in software infrastructure that can serve diverse research and education communities. A suite of community workshops will be convened to design the GSI that would aim to:

  • transform geospatial software contributed by communities into open software for geospatial big data;
  • establish best practices for computational reproducibility in computation- and/or data-intensive scientific research and education that are dependent on geospatial software; and
  • advance high-performance geospatial software while making synergistic contributions to the National Strategic Computing Initiative.

To achieve the goal and associated aims, this project will design a community organization called the Geospatial Innovation Consortium for High-Performance Software and Discovery to mobilize and serve broad pertinent communities and stakeholders in a sustainable way.