My current research focus is on the two fronts:

Front 1: Exploiting geometric features of architected material to control wave propagation: In this work, I design and analyze 3D lattice materials within a finite element framework. I have developed a generalized Bloch-wave homogenization approach to estimate effective quasi-static properties of auxetic and non-auxetic lattices. Further, I designed the auxetic lattices to control the polarization of the wave. Recent work includes the design of multifunctional lattice materials that can simultaneously conduct two functionalities: vibration isolation and heat conduction. Read the below publications and specific sections for more information:

    1.  Auxetic Lattice Materials
    2.  Non-auxetic Lattice Materials
    3.  Multifunctional Materials
  • O. Babatola, G. U. Patil, D. Hsieh, K. H. Matlack, S. Sinha, Independently tunable thermal conductance and phononic bandgaps of 3D lattice materials. Advanced Engineering Materials, vol.22(2), 1901004(2019)
  • G. U. Patil, A.S. Shedge, K. H. Matlack, 3D auxetic lattice materials for anomalous elastic wave polarization. Applied Physics Letters, vol.115, 091902 (2019)
  • G. U. Patil, K. H. Matlack, Effective property evaluation and analysis of three-dimensional periodic lattices and composites through Bloch-wave homogenization. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, vol. 145, 1259–1269 (2019)


Front 2: Exploiting discrete nonlinearity in continuum phononic material for wave propagation control: In this work, I design phononic material with periodic nonlinear contacts. I study the fundamental mechanics of local coupling of contacts with surrounding continuum and their role on nonlinear wave propagation. The nonlinear and dispersive features of the system give rise to interesting properties such as harmonic generation and spatial amplitude beating. Read the below publications and specific sections for more information:

    1. Nonlinear Phononic Materials